Cold & Flu season: Alternatives to Andrographis


Cold and flu season is approaching fast. If you have not got your patients taking two tablets of MediHerb Echinacea twice daily (1-tab bid) by now for prevention, now is the time! For those tougher cases, you can add in JHS Naturals Immune Builder/5-Mushroom Formula twice daily (1-cap bid) as well.

Unfortunately your dispensary will not have the go-to acute formula, MediHerb Andrographis Complex, this season due to Health Canada regulations. While we work to bring it back with Health Canada approval, our ND consultants have recommended the following during an acute stage or onset of cold/flu:
Take MediHerb Echinacea tablets three times daily (1-tab tid) and
JHS Immune Builder/5-mushroom Formula  twice daily (1-tab bid).
In cases of patients seemingly always on the verge of a cold/flu, MediHerb Astragalus may be an option. Keep in mind to never use Astragalus in the acute stage.

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