Meet our Rep who is also an ND: Dr. Lindsey Walker

Here on the ProMedics blog, we will feature monthly posts by our lovely ND reps. As well as keeping us up to date with featured info, they will be fielding any questions that you may have. For now, we would love for you to learn a little more about who these hard working women are.

Meet: Lindsey Walker ND


How long have you been a practicing ND? Nine years
Where is your practice based? Toronto, ON
How long have you been working with ProMedics? Six years
How do you feel that ProMedics difers from other supplement distributors? At ProMedics, we are very focused on supporting the practicing Naturopathic Physician through education and collaboration. Our products are highly regarded in the profession due to their research, efficacy and reliability.

What is the most common subject that you get questions on, from other health practitioners as a rep?  Herb drug interactions and technical questions about formulas. i.e: is an odd reaction in this case relatable to this product?
Do you have any social media accounts to follow? Personal; yes. Professional; no.
Finally, what is your favorite food? I would have to say oysters on the half shell. I am an East coaster after all 🙂

Check back for upcoming informational posts from Jennifer.

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