Are all fish oils created equal?

“Welcome to the second entry in our new Myth-Conceptions series, where we will be tackling common misconceptions surrounding modern-day herbs and other natural supplements.”

Myth: All fish oils are equal. Answer: FALSE

fish n pillz-3

“Academics and clinicians continue to duke it out in the land of Omega 3s to crown the king pin of fish oil. Simply put, based upon the literature and research, the natural triglyceride form of fish oil continues to prove more absorbable, utilizable and stable than ethylated esterified fish oils. Makes sense though, considering the triglyceride form is the form that is naturally found in the fish we derive omega 3s from. It is the form that our bodies were designed to digest and metabolize.  Remember the humble chylomicron? The lipoprotein that transports dietary lipids from the intestines to other areas of the body? Yeah, it largely contains triglycerides ( >85%) a little cholesterol and some proteins. This means, when you give an ethylated esterified omega 3, what you do absorb has to be converted back into a natural triglyceride to be transported in this wee little chylomicron. An unnecessary step, when mother nature has already made the perfect form for us to benefit from.

The proof in the pudding (or the fish oil!) as they say.

Have a gander at this 2014 study comparing natural triglyceride fish oils, krill oil, salmon oil and ethylated.” Lindsey Walker ND fish n pillz

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