Are all mushrooms created equal?

Myth: All mushroom extracts are equal. Answer: FALSE
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“With more and more mushroom products flooding the marketplace, it is getting harder to figure out which supplements are the ones to try versus the ones to avoid.
Tinctures, coffee with mushrooms, powders and capsules all vie for our attention, in increasingly pretty packaging as we quest for the right intervention for our patients.
For the rigorous and analytical ND, an easy rule of thumb: if you
re looking for the mushrooms that are used in the medical research, you need to find a product that uses hot water extraction. This is the only process that is able to extract the immunoactive polysaccharides that are the active constituents in the mushrooms.
Products that contain
mycelium biomass, dried fruiting body or powdered mushroomsare often much less expensive than their hot water extracted counterparts, but buyer beware, they are also much less effective in terms of immunological activity as they are considerably lower in polysaccharides.
Check the label or call the company that produces it to find out how they prepare their product. Also, look for the percentage of non-linear polysaccharides guaranteed present in the product, linear polysaccharides are not immunologically active, so make sure you
re giving your patient exactly what they need to get better faster.” Dr. Jennifer Hillier, ND

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