Dispensary Building with ProMedics

Dr. Jennifer Hillier ND – ProMedics rep (ON, Canada)

As I’ve practiced over the years, I have come across a few hidden gems that seem to be appropriate for a large number of my patients, improving outcomes and finding their way into my own personal dispensary. SON Formula is one of those products.

Consisting of the Master Amino Acid Pattern, a patented, highly purified, extremely absorbable form of amino acids, this supplement touts that it has 99% Net Nitrogen Usage, which means it doesn’t create the nitrogenous waste that can often accompany high doses of protein.

SON pic
   This is an asset for people who have kidney damage and cannot handle the processing of dietary proteins; coming from a family that struggles with kidney disease this has proved an invaluable daily intervention in preserving long-term kidney function. While SON Formula fills an important niche in renal insufficiency, the real value of this supplement lies in the fact that it is so absorbable and helps with protein synthesis in the body. The applications  of this are wide-reaching: from boosting tissue elasticity in the fight against wrinkles, to supporting post-work out muscle regeneration and recovery, patients find daily supplementation leads to noticeable firming of skin and muscle. Research supports the use of SON Formula in athletes, anti-aging and weight loss and I have found that my clinical results echo these findings.
There aren’t many supplements that I recommend for the majority of my practice: vitamin D, fish oils, probiotics to name a few, but certainly since adding SON Formula to this list I’ve noticed an improvement in my patient outcomes, a rare find for such a simple product.

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