Practice Building with ProMedics.

Here is part two of our series with Dr. Katie Yash, ND:
(click here for part one)

Which practitioners are doing it right, i.e. business practice, marketing, patient management? Why would you suggest them? What are they doing right?

  • To these questions I’d say the most successful NDs I know have other revenue streams besides just private practice. Some may work as a rep with a company part-time, teach or TA, produce textbooks or study materials, or have a secondary practice within a corporation or at a university.  Consider practice as one component of your income and think about where else you could use your skills.
    Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.12.11 AMWhat geographical areas in Canada offer the greatest market opportunities for new graduates? Are there any gaps in the market that you see that are being underserved right now?
  • Move outside the metropolitan areas and you’ll have less competition and thus more success.

    How do each of your companies support graduates in helping them to build their practice? Do you offer free business support, tutorials or advice?

  • We offer a new graduate specific training program that focuses on passing along clinical pearls to new graduates through one-on-one meetings with our reps. New grads can ask practice questions, dispensary questions, and prescribing questions. We also offer a series of clinically focused trainings that offer new grads the chance to meet local colleagues and discuss what is working.


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