“Clinical pearls are best defined as small bits of free standing, clinically relevant information based on experience or observation.”


Our Naturopathic Consultants offer the following pearls to our clients about
MediHerb Eyebright:

  •  Great for allergies that cause runny eyes and nose, can be used acutely as needed or throughout the allergy season
  • Works well for nasal congestion and sinus pain due to upper respiratory tract infection
  • Combine with Echinacea or Andrographis at the first sign of a runny nose for high-powered immune boosting. Capsicum is a great driver of the herbs to the nasal mucosa. Golden rod targets the throat and irritation caused by ragweed allergy which is why they grow side by side in the wild (golden rod and ragweed that is). – Jennifer Hillier ND
  • Chronic sinusitis. Adults 3-4 tabs per day. Peds dose based upon Clark’s Rule. This condition requires a long timeframe of treatment based upon the anatomy of the sinuses and the difficulty with getting systemic medicines to penetrate this cavity of the body. I use this for 3-4 months before evaluating efficacy. I also pair it with Golden Seal 3 tabs per day for persistent, thick congestion and post nasal drip
  • Acute sinusitis. 6-8 tabs per day with 4 tabs of Golden Seal. Reduce dosing with improvement
  • Allergic Rhinitis/Sinusitis: 3-4 tabs as a preventative 6 weeks before allergy season. For acute allergic conditions it is best to use high doses of herbal medicines for 1-2 weeks so that symptoms can be relieved quickly. Eyebright Complex 2 tabs three times daily, Golden Seal 2 tabs twice daily and Echinacea Premium 1 tab three times daily.Acute or Chronic Otitis Media: Peds dose based upon Clark’s Rule. Viral Rhinitis or URTI: 3-6 tabs per day depending on severity of infection. – Lindsey Walker ND


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