Livton vs LivCo

Liv co Livton-8717With summer emerging, I’m often asked about liver detox formulae and the difference between MediHerb’s Livton and LivCo. When should they be applied and to whom?
Happily the answer is simple. LivCo, featuring Schizandra, helps to increase both phase I and phase II liver detoxification. Milk thistle protects the hepatocytes and Rosemary reduces inflammation, autoimmunity and is hepatoprotective. Basically when someone is trying to support liver health, I recommend LivCo.
If both digestion and liver are sluggish, then the bitter principles in Livton are more suited.  Including botanicals like dandelion and globe artichoke, the bitter principles help with optimizing gallbladder function, treating dyspepsia and supporting skin health. With three times the dose of Milk Thistle per pill, Livton also acts to protect the liver as it supports healthy digestion. So, if liver is your main target (patients with liver injury, drug exposure or immune challenges to the liver) then look at LivCo, and if they suffer more from constipation, indigestion or liver stagnation then turn to Livton to aid in symptom resolution and support.

4 thoughts on “Livton vs LivCo

  1. Why is it that when I get off of Livco I have night terrors and raging anxiety? Can you share your thoughts and maybe ideas on the created dependency? I had anxiety before, but not as bad as it comes back and I never had night terrors before…I have been taking Livco for a couple of years and not sure how to reverse the dependence. Thank you so much!

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