Allergies notes for March.


This is the time of year that you start seeing patients with seasonal allergies as well as year round allergies. Over the years I have had good success with these patients using the following approach.ingrid-cropped

Identify food allergens and sensitivities and help the patient make dietary changes. This will lower their overall allergen load so they can handle their environmental allergens easier. I suggest avoiding their food sensitivities for 2 months then do a retest as some foods can be added back. I also look at their blood type dietas a long term recommendation. I also offer my patients a list of some of the new foods on the market that I have noticed (link in original email) You can also point your patients to my recipe book on my website Giving patients the tools for diet changes will create more success for them.

Treat the Yeast: If you have a testing method such as Electrodermal (EAV) type testing always check for dysbiosis or a fungal load. Many of these patients test positive for yeast overgrowth and putting them on a candida program for 2 months is very helpful. Here is my candida program that I have used for 30 plus years. (Dr. Pincott’s candida protocol). I am convinced the reason Citridical caps plus has worked so well over the years is the active ingredient of Artemisia is also very good for SIBO. SIBO was not a medical diagnosis 30 years ago but I think this candida program has worked very well as a SIBO protocol for me for many years if the SIBO case was not severe. The Mediherb Garlic does not cause a burp back and is tolerated very well. The probiotic of your choice to given at a different time of day than the garlic and Citricidal Caps plus is important. The preferred fiber I recommend now is ground flax.

Support the Immune System: I have recommended daily Echinacea Premium containing the roots of both angustifolia and purpurea (high in alkylamides) for years ever since Kerry Bone talked about it. He also reminded us that Echinacea increased NK cells so I tell my patients it is anti-cancer. Because it does not contain any flower parts there is no harm taking it daily. Most of my patients are also taking 3000mg of EPA, DHA fish oils and 4000IU’s Vitamin D (measure 25(OH) to levels of 150nmol/L) and probiotics. If you want to consider deep immune support consider Astragalus Complex alternating with Rhodiola and Ginseng or JHS Reishi mushroom all year long. Reishi provides triterpines which down regulate TNF Alpha and NF-kB, and beta glucans which provide immune support. Reishi oxygenates the blood and two other main actions are hepatic and cardiovascular support. Alternating could be changing it out every 3 months. It also means that patients can take supplement holidays on the weekends. See Dr. Bryn Hyndman’s patient handout

Support the sinuses: Most patients are looking for treatment of sinus congestion so find a formula that works for you and dose it high enough for efficacy. Over the years I have used Nazonal from Metagenics, but Sinus forte is a good choice because it contains Echinacea purpura, the hard to get Goldenseal, Eyebright and Goldenrod the latter three especially good for maintaining healthy mucous secretions in the nasal passages. Acute dosing is 2 tablets BID or TID, chronic or prophylactic dosage is 1 tablet TID. Andrographis Complex can also be considered for short term treatment of upper respiratory infections and sinusitis.

Natural anti-histamines: Most patients don’t know that Vitamin C is high in anti-histamine and so is quercetin. I dose both very high, Vitamin C to bowel tolerance and quericitin at 4000mg per day. Vital Nutrients Aller C could be dosed up to 10 per day. I have patients put these in their pocket and take 3 at a time when they need an anti-histamine effect during the day. If patients dose Aller C all year long at 2-3 per day they lower their symptoms the following year.

Adrenal support: Vitamin C is a basic adrenal remedy that can be used all year long, but Astragalus Complex and Rhodiola and Ginseng is highly recommended during the allergy season and all year long also alternating. My other favorite adrenal remedy from Physica is ADR as it has a high Adrenal tissue dosage that I alternate with other adaptogenic herbs.

Detoxification / Twice per Year: See our January 2017 Newsletter for detoxification ideas to recommend to your patients twice yearly. Remind them that all the hard work they do this year will prevent allergies next year and the added value to their health includes preventing colds and flus, cancer, stress and slows aging.


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