An ND’s take on Klaire Labs!


I was so excited in anticipation of ProMedics bringing in Klaire Labs’ products. I have been using these specialized probiotic products for about 10 years. They have always been the best quality of probiotics of anywhere I have seen. Klaire Labs carry specialized formula’s to cater to any gastro intestinal issue you may need to treat. The side effects of stale and non -refrigerated probiotics can be one issue in clinic that never needs to be considered with these probiotics. My favourite formula is the Ther-biotic Complete that treats very well the following list of ailments:

  • screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-11-28-47-amSupport during antibiotic therapy
  • Antagonizes rotaviru
  • Antagonizes C Diff.
  • Adjunctive support in ulcerative colitis
  • Urinary tract support
  • Vaginal microflora support
  • Adjunctive in IBS
  • Treats bowel regularity
  • Supports cholesterol metabolism
    I am so excited to have these formula’s at the tip of my fingers and accessible from Promedics.  Dr.Marnie Wachtler ND


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