Cancer Treatment.


With the guidance of Dr. McKinney’s “Naturopathic Oncology” you can help your patients on their journey. Cancer patients have better outcomes if they are involved with their care plans, so you will want to give them free choices. The following are from my personal experience in practice. You want to educate your patients on:


A – If they are diagnosed with a cancer we can provide protocols to use during chemotherapy and radiation.
B – We provide “Five to Thrive” education and therapies to prevent cancers from recurring.
C – We provide simple tools for preventing cancers now

For the Cancer Diagnosis the following are recommendations based on my knowledge from Dr. Neil McKinney. He offers courses on his book and will provide you with the latest updates and many additional handouts. I give my cancer patients a “Cancer Folder” with information on the following items for their further research including information on and relaxation techniques:

  1. Astragalus combinations have been used for centuries as a tonic for many illnesses. Dr. Neil McKinney in his cancer therapies courses recommends this for support during radiation and some chemotherapy. Dosages of Astragalus complex are high during these times and sustained for 3-6 months then a drug holiday is taken. This herb will help your patient with well -being and vitality.
  2. Withania (Ashwaghanda) : Over the years I have used this tincture in combination with astragalus, codonopsis, reishi, shiitake, ligustrum and schisandra as a tonic pre and post treatment. I always use the Mediherb Withania!
  3. Pectasol is recommended for most cancer cell lines as it prevents cancer from spreading. Seeing the research that Dr. Isaac Eliaz has done with certain cancer types I use this with any cancer diagnosis for a period of one year. I dose it TID for the first several months or even one year especially if there has been a surgery involved. Once the patients have passed the one – year mark then I recommend once daily dosing. This is a good time to remind your patients that Pectasol also lowers the toxicity of the body by lowering heavy metals levels and in this way is also preventive. At lower long term dosages the cost is reasonable.
  4. During a cancer therapy I always recommend Greens First with a protein powder such as Dream Protein. Patients have poor appetites and weight loss during treatment so encouraging patients to come up with a smoothie recipe that will work for them during this time is very important. The use of SON (dosed high) is specifically used for cachexia and should be considered if your patient will not do the smoothies.
  5. Medicinal Mushrooms are always part of my cancer protocols. Chaga for prostate and Coriolus for many others including breast. These are dosed high during active treatment and are often safe with chemo and radiation.
  6. BCQ is a long -time favorite of mine for most cancer therapies. I dose it as high as 12 per day to act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer therapy. Dr. McKinney uses Can-Arrest. At high doses BCQ can loosen the bowel so warn your patients.
  7. Additional therapies I don’t have experience with include Honokiol and Padma 28.

I always emphasize to my patients to follow my anti-cancer protocol for one year post treatment to prevent cancers from recurring. We have all heard “we’ve got it all ….you are cancer free” only to have the cancer recur in the too near future. Encourage your patients to be proactive.

  1. Five to Thrive based on the book by: Lise Alschuler and Karolyn Gazella. The principles of prevention of cancer include immune support (Vitanox, Echinacea and NK cells and Astragalus complex, 5 Mushroom Formula) , controlling inflammation, (BCQ or Boswellia Complex) helping the body detoxify (Silymarin and Nrf2 pathway), regulate hormones of stress (Rhodiola and Ginseng) and control insulin resistance (Gymnema).
  2. I want to make sure patients vitamin D levels are optimized so I will measure this in the blood to get them to the 150nmol/l levels.
  3. See the patient in one year to review their maintenance program with you!

Prevention of cancer in the first place is multifactorial. I recommend the following:

  1. Regular detoxifying programs (see Pincott’s Perspective January 2017)
  2. Helping the body keep inflammation low by using remedies such as BCQ and Greens First.
  3. Optimizing NrF2 pathways making sure cruciferous vegetables, garlic, turmeric and green tea are part of the diet. Using herbs such as milk thistle, resveratrol and ginkgo are beneficial. (ie Vitanox and Greens First).

Fish oils, vitamin D and probiotics are also part of my “Foundation for Health” for cancer prevention.

(April is Daffodil Month or Cancer Awareness Month across Canada. There are huge donation dollars supporting websites such as and some useful information there for your patients. For example I was surprised they do have a link to Artificial Hormones and discuss the issue of hormone mimicking that causes cancer, implicating birth control pills!)


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