With my patients, I’ve found that September is the best time of year to get back on track with heath goals. This blog entry will prepare you, and your patients, before the busy back-to-school season starts:ingrid-cropped

Immune System: The Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries and Fish Oil supplements are a yummy way for children to get extra nutrition in their diets. As children get older they can be graduated to stronger dosages, which will also have a lower sugar content. Vitamin D: taking this in liquid drops is ideal and inexpensive. Our office favorite is Seroyal brand.
Probiotics: Ther-Biotic Complete Powder is easy to add to beverages without changing the taste. Important for gut health, brain health and immune system support.
ADHD: Bacopa and Nordic Naturals DHA are great help. Anxiety/Sleeplessness/Growing Pains: Ancient Minerals provides a magnesium lotion with melatonin, which can be rubbed into achey areas to help provide relief. Give children liquid or chewable calcium-magnesium supplements like Jigsaw Magnesium SRT.

Acne: Teenagers constantly struggle with ways to improve their skin. I have used Citricidal tabs at 3 per day as an antiobitic, and the Citricidal Skin Cleanser as a topical soap to use in the shower (I also use this throughout my professional office, for hand washing). Probiotics are important for skin health, so make sure teens are also taking Ther-Biotic Complete. Additionally, Core Nutrients EPO provides 1200mg of EPO per capsule, and when dosed at 2 capsules per day can provide relief from skin issues.
Stress: If teenagers are stressing out about their school work load then consider Kava Forte or Nevaton. If they are not sensitive to licorice or have blood pressure issues, Adrenal Complex is great treatment option that can be used year-round. Often I will alternate herbs month to month, so consider alternating with Nevaton.
Anxiety/Depression/Insomnia: As the fall days grow shorter, St. John’s Wort can be added to teen’s protocols, for help alleviating depression and insomnia (due to light sensitivity). I dose it at HS. Did you know that one of the most important active constituents of St. John’s wort is hyperforin, and the Mediherb brand has a very high content? However, keep in mind that hyperforin is not found in the tincture form of St. John’s Wort. Bacopa is also used for memory and concentration. For additional brain power around exam time, suggest Gingko! Kerry Bone is known to take up to 9 per day as needed when he is recovering from jet lag.
Menstrual Disorders; Wild Yam Complex helps to regulate periods, lessen the flow and help with cramping. In addition, try taking extra calcium/magnesium at night. Try Jigsaw Magnesium with SRT. Also, rubbing topical magnesium onto the abdomen may be very soothing during menarche.
Diet: Most teenagers don’t eat as well as they should, so helping them come up with a smoothie recipe that incorporates Dream Protein and Greens First/Berry or Greens First Chocolate will help provide vital antioxidants and protein–especially for breakfast and before sports.

Immune System Support: Children are constantly exposed to germs and infections at school, which they can bring home to the rest of the family. In addition to supporting their immune systems, consider supporting yours as well. A great start is probiotics, Vitamin D and Echinacea daily, ALL YEAR ROUND! Mediherb Echinacea does not contain any of the upper parts of the plant so it can be taken year round. One per day is all you need. Dose as 6 per day at first signs of Upper Respiratory Infections, or use Andrographis at 3 per day. If the immune system is very poor, recommend Astragalus Complex for 3 months or longer.
Cleansing: This is the time of year adults like to cleanse after a summer of poor habits. See January Blog for reminders.
Creative Health Habits: I love the Ancient Minerals bath flakes. I grind one cup in the Nutribullet and then add 8 drops of a favorite essential oil blend. This makes a lovely “parasympathetic spa bath” and is a great gift idea. For containers, I use small glass jars for the dollar store. If you are treating pain and inflammation, you will want to use a much larger dose. You can create a similar effect with Ancient Minerals’ Magnesium Lotion and Oils. For those of your patients with a penchant for essential oils, this activity will be a blast. Topical magnesium is a lovely home remedy for many aches and pains.

What I Learned this Summer
– Buckwheat pancakes are a hearty, gluten-free option for breakfast. Easy to make and      great as left overs.
– Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker: create meals within 30 minutes, including potato salad!

Have the family challenge themselves: NO SICK DAYS THIS YEAR!



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