Pre- & Postnatal Nutrition.

dr-pincott-header-pinkAt the Northwest Convention held in Vancouver in April 2017, Dr. Nigel Plummer gave an excellent lecture on maternal nutrition, as well as infant nutrition. I have updated my Prenatal and Post Natal Care article to reflect some of this updated information, and have featured it here. I give articles similar to this to my patients who are already pregnant.
Here is a Pre-conception care hand-out for those men and women who are planning a pregnancy.ingrid-cropped Pre-conception health refers to optimizing both male and female health for three to four months BEFORE getting pregnant. This handout was inspired by Dr. Angela Hywood’s N.D. series of lectures. This includes such steps as stopping birth control pills and making sure all detoxification programs take place BEFORE pregnancy. It is also important to understand that treating the male to ensure healthy sperm and DNA is just as important as treating the female!
See January 2017 Promedics blog on Detoxification Ideas for both men and women.
The Prenatal and Postnatal Care sheet contains steps to make sure that women are getting optimal nutrition for developing a healthy baby in utero. Additionally, you will find information on easing the stress of pregnancy and delivery, and tips for the postnatal period, including infant care.
Promedics provides Nordic Naturals Prenatal Caps, with essential fats, for adults and children as well as Klaire Labs probiotics. Greens First and Dream Protein powders are a good smoothie option for women with nausea and vomiting from pregnancy, to help with nutrition during this period. MediHerb Echinacea and Silymarin are two herbs safe for use during pregnancy, if you need to treat an upper respiratory infection or gallbladder stasis. If there is a constipation problem or muscle cramping, taking a JigSaw Magnesium supplement may help, in addition to the recommended Optinatals (Eclectic Institute) which contain the optimal levels of calcium, magnesium and iron recommended for women in their first two trimesters. Often in the last trimester women need more.
I have also attached my handouts on Introducing Solid Foods & Protein in FoodsIt behooves us as naturopathic physicians to educate our patients on one of the most important ways to prevent obesity and chronic diseases: by improving health in utero. Preventive medicine at its best!

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