Movember: Mens Health Month!

According to Canada’s Men’s Health Foundation, amongst men aged 30–64, more than 65% are overweight or obese, almost 50% are inactive, more than 40% binge drink, and 26% smoke. In fact, adopting a healthier lifestyle can help prevent up to 70% of men’s health problems. In June 2016 I wrote an article that you might find motivating for your male patients: Guys Unhealthy Behaviour


According to the Movember Foundation, the life expectancy of a man is 6 years less than that of a woman, men account for 4 in 5 suicides, and testicular cancer is the most prevalent cancer among men aged 15–29. The foundation encourages men to talk with their buddies, know their PSA numbers at age 50 (45 if they are of African or Caribbean descent), and “know thy nuts.”

Read on for a comprehensive naturopathic approach to your male patients:

  1.  Stress reduction: Adrenal support: MediHerb AdrenoCo; Withania Complex; Tribulus; or Nevaton can help with stress and anxiety. My popular Male Adrenal Tonic contains: panax ginseng; astragalus; and ashwagandha in liquid form or Rhodiola and Ginseng. I also use Physica’s ADR adrenal complex to combat adrenal fatigue.
  2. Insomnia and Anxiety: Nevaton; John’s Wort (taken in winter months only, due to photo sensitivity); Kava Forte or Valerian Complex; and 5HTP are other considerations for insomnia and anxiety.
  3. Cancer prevention: 17% of men over the age 18 smokes. Vitanox, an anti-oxidant combination, is a great preventive. If patients are interested in a “vitamin smoothie,” encourage them to use Greens First for detoxification, alkalization and energy; Dream Protein, for a clean whey protein; and try Dr. Gifford’s Medi-C, which contains 500 mg vitamin C, 40 mg Magnesium and 600 mg Lysine per capsule. Vitamin C is an inexpensive know-it-all vitamin that is essential in the prevention of many chronic diseases, including cancer. (See Dr. Cheraskin’s book: “Vitamin C: Who Needs It?” for some timeless knowledge!)
  4. Chemical Detoxification: Men are often exposed to heavy metals or chemical environments, simply due to occupation. This includes firefighters, who see an increased risk of kidney cancer; and miners, who inhale numerous minerals and chemical substances on a regular basis. Test these patients for heavy metals or other cancer causing chemicals to improve their compliance with your treatment programs. Silymarin is number one for liver protection; monitor liver enzymes, as Hep C is an epidemic in the making. The sooner the diagnosis, the better. Pectasol-C and LivCo (phase I and II detox) should be on this list as well.
  5. Elevated PSA Numbers and BPH: If you are “watching and waiting” with a patient displaying elevated PSA numbers, Pectasol C will lower Galectin 3 inflammatory pathways, to not only treat cancer and prevent metastasis, but also helps the body detoxify heavy metals. This is best taken away from other supplements. Saw Palmetto Pygeum Nettle Root may also help, and your patients will notice a decrease in their nocturia. BCQ or Boswellia Complex is also recommended during this “watch and wait” period, and may help to wean male patients off the use of NSAIDS. Prostacaid at 6 per day is Dr Eliaz’s recommendation for prostate cancer treatment. Chaga mushrooms are a treatment of choice for prostate issues. Garlic has been studied to lower PSA levels. See Dr. Eric Yarnell’s article “Improving Men’s Health with Botanicals Eric Yarnell ND”.
  6. IGF 1: If elevated the patient is four times more likely to develop PC. This will lower with lycopene.
  7. ED: Prevalence of coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, erectile dysfunction, metabolic syndrome and diabetes is rampant and interconnected in men (and women, with the exception of ED). Pomegranate juice, horny goat weed and panax ginseng have all been studied to be effective for ED. Additionally, you should consider using your diabetes and cardiovascular protocols with this patient population. For example, I measure Pla2 to monitor arterial inflammation and efficacy of my protocols, as well as two-hour pc serum insulin.
  8. Foundations for Health: Encourage male patients to take selenium 200 mcg, zinc 50 mg (prostate contains the highest concentrations of zinc found in the human body), B-complex 50-100 mg OD, Essential Fatty Acids 3000 mg OD, and vitamin D to serum values of 150 nmol/L upwards of 5000 IU per day.
  9. Foods to Prevent Prostate Cancer: Green tea, organic soy, cooked tomatoes (lycopene), pomegranates, and broccoli are all diet essentials. As well, enoki mushrooms are excellent for prevention, as are garlic and related herbs, such as onions, chives and leeks.

See you all in the New Year!

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