Naturopathic Postpartum Support!



For one month before delivery, I recommend a uterine tonic containing helonias, mitchella and viburnum. This prepares the uterus for an easier delivery and, when taken one month postpartum, helps the uterus recover faster. I also recommend Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Complete probiotics at one per day, all the way through pregnancy, and especially just before delivery, to optimize the flora of the vaginal tract. This may lessen the chances of the baby developing thrush after birth.

High EPA and DHA fish oil, Nordic Naturals ProOmega at 4 per day or Arctic Cod Liver Oil at 2 teaspoons per day, is also imperative during the pre and post-natal period. Adjust vitamin D dosage, as this will provide 2000 IU’s of vitamin D. I recommend at total of 4000-5000 IU’s of vitamin D for most adults including pregnant women. Testing 25(OH) prenatally along with homocysteine, Ferritin, CBC, fasting blood sugar and HgA1C, and TSH and T3 can provide a good baseline for women.

Homeopathic Arnica 200 ch, taken several times per day for one week postpartum, will help the body heal from the physical trauma of delivery. I also recommend giving this to the baby once or twice daily. The pellets can be dissolved in water and taken in drop dosages. This can help with swelling and bruising of tissues.

One of the bigger concerns during the postpartum period is postpartum depression and fatigue. Siberian ginseng taken in tincture form is one of the best adrenal supports that is safe to take during breastfeeding. I recommend it in teaspoon dosages once to twice daily, for up to the first three months after delivery.

Basic nutrients including B-complex, calcium and magnesium are more important now, especially if the mother is breastfeeding.

Echinacea and silymarin are both safe during breastfeeding, and can be used for infections or liver issues that may arise during the postpartum phase.

Greens First, along with Dream Protein smoothies, can help the mother regain her energy as she transitions into her new busier schedule, especially when she finds she is skipping some meals.

If the mother is anaemic, supplementing with iron can be cause colic in babies. Iron Plus C is an option but if baby cannot tolerate consider Fluoravit, a liquid iron supplement available in health food stores, that is both effective and well tolerated in sensitive patients.

Babies don’t need much supplementation in the first year of life, when breastfed. However, I do recommend extra vitamin D at 2000 IU’s per day, administered in drop from. I start fish oil supplementation after one year of age. I also recommend probiotics in the first year of life. After one year, consider Ther-Biotic Complete in powder form, dosed at ¼ tsp once daily. This combination of supplements will set the stage for a healthy immune system.

I offer a food introduction chart to mothers and emphasize how important this is to prevent future food allergies. Also an updated handout on Pre- and Postnatal care that you can review with your patients. I like to review this with patients as soon as they know they are pregnant. Heres to a healthy baby!

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