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Echinacea Premium:
Not all Echinacea is the same and thus the varied patient response. Kerry Bone is passionate about Echinacea Premium and its daily use in practice. He developed this formula that contains the root extracts of E. purpurea as well as E. angustifolia. E. angustifolia being expensive Kerry combined the two as the alkylamides in E. angustifolia potentizes the alkylamides of the E. purpurea to provide 4.1mg alkylamides per tablet. The alkylamides are largely responsible for the proposed immune effects of Echinacea lipophilic extracts. These are the ONLY constituents detected in the blood after taking Echinacea Premium tablets or Echinacea Premium 1:2 liquid.
In a 2012 Study: Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2012; 2012: 417267 Echinacea Premium was found to have lower respiratory symptom scores during travel compared with placebo. The dosages was one tablet twice daily prior to travelling and while travelling 2 twice per day and 3 times daily if additional immune support was required.

Kerry Bone has shared in his lectures that Echinacea Premium modulates the immune response of macrophages and T cell in vitro, toning the response down in the face of a strong stimulus. It also stimulates the immune response by interaction of the alkylamides with the CB2 receptors. It alters the expression of heat shock protein in leukocytes. It boosts the number and function of natural killer (NK) cells. It is a well-being tonic as well as supports healthy aging and longevity.

These factors are the reasons that I recommend taking Echinacea Premium one table daily all year long. Teach your patients to look for the dosage of alkylamides in their echinacea products. Most other products on the market require 2-5 times the dosage to get the 4.1mg of alkylamide in one tablet of Echinacea Premium.

Clinical Pearl: Take one tab daily Echinacea Premium or 5ml of Premium 1:2 liquid all year round and dose higher during times of stress, travel or onset of symptoms. 1 tablet TID for Adults and for Children: 1 tab OD or BID.

Contraindicated in those taking immunosuppressive drugs and short term use is only recommended in these cases. Discontinue 7 days prior to general anesthesia. Use caution if allergic to plants of Daisy family.

Kerry comments: “My favourite! You can build a successful practice on this product alone. MediHerb’s unique formula (Echinacea Premium) contains the roots of Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea in a specific ratio, delivering 4.1 mg of alkylamides per tablet.”


Andrographis Complex:
Contains Andrographis (10mg of andrographolide), Echinacea angustifolia and purpurea (containing 2mg alkylamides) and Holy Basil. Use this formulation for the onset of mild upper respiratory infections for up to 8 weeks. It helps maintain and supports healthy immune system function. It also encourages the adaptive response to occasional stress as well healthy liver function. Andrographis also supports and maintains normal body temperature already in a normal range.

Add Sinus Forte if sinus symptoms persevere. If longer therapy required consider other remedies. If more severe URI symptoms use Echinacea Premium, along with Astragalus Complex, Sinus Forte or Broncafect.

Contraindications: don’t use in pregnancy, attempting to conceive or during lactation. Use caution in allergies to plants of the Daisy family.

Kerry comments: “My first choice for strong immune support when Echinacea alone is not enough and particularly for short- term use.” Andrographis Complex combines Andrographis, Echinacea and Holy Basil.


Garlic Forte:
Garlic is used for short and long term immune system, upper respiratory health and healthy lung function. It stimulates the mucous membranes and promotes healthy secretions in the lung. In the 1980s Russian newspapers advised the chewing of raw garlic to enhance normal immune response in the upper respiratory tract. In World War II, the Soviet army also used garlic to enhance normal immune response.

Volunteers taking a garlic tablet were more likely to stay healthy during the winter months and have healthy respiratory tract function than those taking placebo. This randomized, double-blind study was conducted in England and published in 2001( Josling P. Adv Ther 2001; 18(4): 189-193).

Antioxidants help protect cells from the damaging effects of excessive free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive substances created in the body that may injure cells. Garlic taken for 1-2 months improved the level and activity of antioxidant enzymes in the red blood cells of healthy volunteers. Research suggests that use of garlic supported the body’s normal detoxification processes of potentially detrimental dietary substances in healthy volunteers. (Avci A, Atli T, Ergüder IB et al. Gerontology 2008; 54(3): 173-176; Grune T, Scherat T, Behrend H et al. Phytomed 1996; 2(3): 205-207 ; Mei X, Lin X, Liu J et al. Acta Nutr Sin 1989; 11: 141-146 )

This garlic product contains the active ingredients 12mg active alliin and alliinase which are enterically coated to ensure that the allicin produced is protected and utilized to its full potential. Mediherb garlic is tested not only for the level of alliine but for its conversion into allicin.

Dosage: 1 tablet OD to BID short or long term. Does not give garlic breath and is well tolerated.

Kerry comments: “I like to think of garlic as a polypill for cardiovascular health due to the many different facets of its support and the multitude of positive clinical studies published. Garlic is also effective in helping to maintain healthy gastrointestinal flora. Quality issues are of vital importance when manufacturing garlic products. The strongest published evidence to date is for garlic preparations standardised to alliin content with allicin-releasing capability.”


Astragalus Complex:
Contains Astragalus membranaceus, Echinacea purpurea and Eleutherococcus senticosus (600mg of eleutheroside E). Wonderful for long term convalescent immune system support. Many controlled clinical trials have shown that Eleuthero extract enhances immune system function in healthy participants. In an uncontrolled trial, Eleuthero helped restore normal immune system function by supporting the body’s production of white blood cells. It protects against lung injury.

Astragalus has been used traditionally to support stamina and endurance. It is one of the main tonics used traditionally to enhance vitality in the Chinese herbal system. The tonic action of Astragalus is used by natural clinicians to assist the body in its natural repair process. (A tonic is popularly thought of as something that makes you feel better, stronger or healthier. Chinese tonics of the type to which Astragalus belongs, replenish the body’s vital reserves over the long term, support the constitution and aid the body’s natural regeneration and repair functions.)

In a randomized controlled trial, Eleuthero extract improved the quality of life in elderly patients. Eleuthero is also recommended traditionally for assisting the body in its natural repair process.

Astragalus membranaceus research shows it has multiple pharmacological effects including: anti-oxidative-stress, anti-inflammatory, immune-regulation, vascular protective effects, anti-neurodegeneration, anti-cancer and anti-aging effects (including increasing telomerase activity). It is very safe and has few side effects for long term therapy.

Contraindicated while taking immune-suppressing drugs, or during pregnancy or breast feeding. Avoid use if allergic to the Daisy Family of plants.

Dosage: 1 tab BID to QID. For long term recommend 1 Tab BID ie for 3 months, then alternate with Echinacea Premium for one month then resume Astragalus Complex.


Sinus Forte: 
Contains Golden Rod, Eyebright, Echinacea purpurea, Goldenseal and Cayenne. This is a great formula for acute or chronic sinus infections so for the upper respiratory cases with this complication this remedy works well. It is superb in the treatment of seasonal allergies as well. Eyebright, Golden Seal and Golden Rod have been used traditionally to support and maintain healthy mucous secretion in the nasal passages. Golden Seal also improves the tone, vigor and function of these mucous membranes. Due to its pungent, hot and spicy nature, Cayenne is thought to assist the nasal passages by promoting healthy blood flow in the mucosal tissues. Cayenne became an important herb in the late 19th Century for the natural clinicians in the United States because of its ability to bring “vital heat” to the body. By maintaining healthy nasal passages these herbs also support free and clear breathing.

Dose: 1 tab 4 times per day for acute symptoms and 1 tab BID for chronic sinusitis. Give regular breaks off the remedy to ensure efficacy and be sure to include 1 tab per day of Echinacea Premium long term.

Note: MediHerb has a strong policy on endangered and threatened medicinal plants, and only purchases cultivated sources of Golden Seal root and rhizome.


Contains Pleurisy Root, White Horehound, Licorice, Echinacea purpurea and Ginger. Pleurisy Root, White Horehound, Licorice and Ginger have all been used traditionally to support healthy bronchial function, thereby helping the body to expel mucus and foreign particles from the bronchial tubes more easily. White Horehound in particular, may do this by helping to soften and break up the mucus. Of these herbs, Licorice is the best known, with the famous Gerard Herbal noting its use for this application in 1597.

The pungent, warming nature of Ginger and essential oil of Thyme support the normal cough reflex, providing comfort during cold weather and seasonal changes. Ginger is thought to assist in this way by promoting blood circulation, thereby promoting healthy blood flow in the mucosal tissues of the lung. Pleurisy Root is often traditionally combined with Ginger for this purpose, and these herbs may also assist the body in maintaining normal body temperature.

Due to their action on bronchial function, Pleurisy Root, White Horehound, Licorice and Ginger would also support the body’s normal cough reflex, particularly Licorice with documented use dating back centuries. Native Americans used Pleurisy Root, White Horehound and Echinacea root in this way.

For the treatment of pertussis, bronchitis, pleurisy, lung congestion, influenza, tracheitis, nasopharyngeal catarrh and COPD. Great for persistent bronchitis or after inhalation of lung irritants as it soothes and heals inflamed bronchial mucosa. It also manages fever without diaphoresis.

Dosage: 2 tabs BID-QID in acute illness and 1 tab BID in chronic illness. Consider alternating this remedy with Astragalus combination in chronic diseases such as COPD.

Contraindications: hypertension, edema if patient is taking potassium depleting diuretics. If taking long term monitor blood pressure. Not to be used with immune suppressant medications (due to Echinacea)

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