MediHerb Withania Complex is back in stock; An Ode to Withania by Lindsey Walker ND

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Back orders of 5 bottles or more were contacted this week about Withania being back in stock. Contact us if you are in need.

An Ode to Withania 
by Lindsey Walker ND

Oh Withania Complex how I love thee!
Let me count the ways:

1. You are so reliable at lowering cortisol. Many thanks.
2. You are perfectly formulated for the “wired yet tired” patient.
3. You are something I consistently reach for when there is a breastfeeding mother who is sleep deprived and feeling hollow.
4. You make people feel restored and grounded when they haven’t for some time.
5. When a recurrent physical complaint is related to stress or nervous exhaustion and you are in place, you prevent it.

Oh Withania, how we love thee!


MediHerb Promotion – Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

Albizia!     Bilberry!    Cascara!
pillz (set 2)-2

We are running a promotion on these three complex’ until their short dated stock is out.
Buy three Albizia, Bilberry or Cascara and receive a fourth for free.

Albizia – Unfortunately, this complex will not be making a return to Canada once this lot is sold out, so grab it up while you can! Its expiry is April 2015.

Bilberry – This promotional lot expires in September 2015.

Cascara – This promotional lot expires in June 2015.

Contact us to place your order by phone @ 877-268-5057, by email or online at
pillz (set 2)