Is it on back order?

The following items are currently out of stock, for various reasons:

ECONUGENICS PRODUCTS –> EcoNugenics can not send product into Canada until some packaging formsblog are properly reviewed by Health Canada. It will be a few weeks before we can receive shipments from them again. We do still have some PECTA-SOL C POWDER, but that is all for now.

MEDIHERB WITHANIA COMPLEX 60’s –> Withania is out of stock but is on a shipment from Australia. We are not expecting it to arrive for at least a month! (However, 500 ml liquid is available.)

MEDIHERB VITANOX 60’s –> Vitanox is out of stock. We are expecting its arrival in two weeks.


Livton vs LivCo

Liv co Livton-8717With summer emerging, I’m often asked about liver detox formulae and the difference between MediHerb’s Livton and LivCo. When should they be applied and to whom?
Happily the answer is simple. LivCo, featuring Schizandra, helps to increase both phase I and phase II liver detoxification. Milk thistle protects the hepatocytes and Rosemary reduces inflammation, autoimmunity and is hepatoprotective. Basically when someone is trying to support liver health, I recommend LivCo.
If both digestion and liver are sluggish, then the bitter principles in Livton are more suited.  Including botanicals like dandelion and globe artichoke, the bitter principles help with optimizing gallbladder function, treating dyspepsia and supporting skin health. With three times the dose of Milk Thistle per pill, Livton also acts to protect the liver as it supports healthy digestion. So, if liver is your main target (patients with liver injury, drug exposure or immune challenges to the liver) then look at LivCo, and if they suffer more from constipation, indigestion or liver stagnation then turn to Livton to aid in symptom resolution and support.

Herbal Antioxidants

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In case you are wanting some related information, below is a link to our info sheet on Vitanox by MediHerb including dosage and synergistic products:

MEDIHERB VITANOX : Clinical Uses and Pearls

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ecoOften, we get questions from concerned docs and patients
when they notice a particular warning on the back of their EcoNugenics products.

If you or your patient are concerned about the issues regarding  proposition 65 from California, (where EcoNugenics is located and manufactured) please educate yourself properly so you are no longer nervous.