Are You and Your Patients on Edge?

During this challenging year it is not only important to take care of your patients but yourself as physicians as well. Here are some reminder tips to help with stress and anxiety.

Firstly pay attention to your meditations! According to the Buddhist Robert Thurman (yes Uma Thurman’s father) in his book Infinite Life, we all meditate but just don’t know it. He cautions us to be careful where we put our attention including watching too much news. Choose to watch only uplifting TV shows and listen to uplifting music. One of the things I recommended to my patients constantly was keeping a gratitude journal naming five things per day. There are lots of positive outcomes of this pandemic. Talk about it with your friends and family. The biggest one for me is the use of Zoom to keep in touch with my friends and colleagues!

Everyone is talking about their Covid consumption habits as there is more opportunity to eat when you are home all day. In addition to getting your 6000-10,000 steps per day or attending exercise classes (if they are available in your area), changing one thing in your diet might be switching to a smoothie. Greens First Berry Flavour is my favourite mixed with Vitamin C powder and Dream Protein. Kids like this too for their afternoon snacks or pre- sports drink. If cravings are an issue Gymnema taken one with each meal can help regulate blood sugar highs and lows and helps with cravings.

If you have anxiety, irritability, insomnia, poor mental performance, mood swings and depression consider Nevaton Forte – 2 tabs at bedtime and one on rising for adults (for children 1-2 daily.) This remedy may take a few weeks to really kick in but then can be taken long term. This remedy contains St. John’s Wort, Schisandra, Scutellaria and Saffron – all wonderful adjuncts for any nervous condition. Just be aware of patients taking SSRI medications.

Magnesium is the most common deficiency in North American diets so add Mag SRT to your protocols. It is important for over 300 chemical pathways in the body including stress and anxiety, insomnia, migraine headaches and muscle aches and pains. Insomnia is a chronic health problem amongst many Canadians linked to depression and anxiety.

Simple Sleep Hygiene tips include:

– Avoid electronic devices and TV watching 1-2 hours before bed
– Read on a non blue screen device before bed ie Kobo or Kindle
– Have a hot bath with Ancient Mineral Bath Flakes or shower before bed which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. Applying Magnesium Chloride Oil or Lotion with Melatonin to your feet or neck may also help. If pain is preventing sleep transdermal magnesium is very effective.
– Yoga before bed is also parasympathetic
– Overactive mind? Write everything down on a list to review in the morning or try prescribing Kava before bedtime
– Sleep aids include: calcium and Mag SRT, St John’s Wort and Valerian Complex

Acute anxiety: Kava Forte is great for acute anxiety in adults and can prevent the usage of addictive prescription medications. Sanesco Tranquilent chewable is great for acute anxiety in children. Chewing ½ tablet on the way to school can also set children up for a calm day.

Depression: Seasonal affective disorder is common at this time of year so in addition to using a SAD lamp on your desk take St. John’s Wort until the spring. Taken at bedtime it also helps with sleep. It is also anti-viral!

Learning disabilities and poor concentration can be helped with Bacopa Complex. This is great for children who are having difficulty coping in school and have ADHD. The Schisandra and Siberian Ginseng in this product also help with adrenal gland function.

Adrenal stress: Everyone needs help with their adrenal glands when under stress that is on-going. Alternating remedies (one month on, one month off) such as AdrenoCo with Rhodiola & Ginseng or Withania Complex.

Many of the above remedies also improve the immune system including Licorice, St.John’s Wort, Rehmannia, Schisandra and Korean Ginseng (which is especially good for COPD). Boswellia Complex and Turmeric Forte are also good general anti-inflammatories which are critical for treating depression. Both Boswellia Complex and Turmeric Forte cross the blood brain barrier.

The power of healing is achieved in the act of taking steps towards treating the underlying causes. There is always something positive that can be done in spite of what you don’t hear on the news!

Not Just Another Turmeric!


Ingrid 2019

MediHerb Turmeric Forte has been available in the United States for the last several years and now finally available here in Canada! How is this formula different than the turmeric products you have been using up until now? Well according to Dr. Bob Scott ND “This is NOT just another turmeric product! Your patients will notice results within days and weeks like never before.” Dr Scott says “Turmeric Forte is a turbo-charged curcuminoid delivering FREE curcuminoids across the BBB, so think of this product as your best brain remedy!”

He would like to see all kids playing sports taking 1-2 OD as a preventive for TBI. Not only does this MediHerb product provide all three curcuminoids found in the spice, it is also up to 45% more bioavailable than regular curcumin. More importantly, it delivers up to 75% FREE curcuminoids into the plasma. It is the FREE curcuminoids that “turbo charge” the product. The FREE cucurminoids enter the BBB and all the other tissues. This results in full cell saturation within 1-2 hours of ingestion (at 4 per day dosage). Virtually every other quality curcumin product on the market has good absorption using pepper, nano or liposomal technology but the curcuminoids are still in the conjugated form so dosages required are much higher and effects are not as optimal.

Turmeric Forte provides 270mg of a proprietary blend of curcuminoids with 33% being the most active curcuminoid – curcumin. The suggested retail price for 60 caps is $42.50 and the maintenance dosage is 1-2 per day. Patient compliance is very high due to the quick response to their symptoms. Anecdotal comments from patients regarding headaches includes results within a few hours at 2 tabs per hour; for post stroke brain fag results can be seen within 2 weeks at 2 BID. For mild to moderate depression 2 tabs QID for 2 weeks may prevent the use of antidepressants.

There is no contraindication for breastfeeding and pregnancy. It is recommended not to take it with antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs beyond the maintenance dosage of 1-2 per day (no more than 15 grams per day) and not to be taken with Talinolol (a beta blocker). It is also contraindicated in biliary tract obstruction.

Turmeric Forte will not replace the other MediHerb products that contain turmeric such as Boswellia Complex or Vitanox which do not contain the CGM form of curcuminoids, but can certainly be used to augment these formulas. Have your patients try it for one month and Turmeric Forte will speak for itself!

Kerry Bone’s lecture “Quenching the Internal Fire” has been summarized below to help shed light on the myriad of uses for Turmeric Forte in your practice:

Stress response led by Nrf2 pathways is the first stage of inflammation that then moves into para-inflammation where there is some upregulation up of the inflammatory response leading to chronic diseases. These chronic diseases include neurological, pulmonary, cardiac, autoimmune, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and diabetes type II.

NF kappa B drives many inflammatory responses but when it is chronically upregulated then it can drive chronic diseases as above but also obesity, Crohn’s disease, allergy, psoriasis and MS.

Many lifestyle choices increase NF-kappa B production such as alcohol, diet, smoking environmental toxins, viruses and bacteria. This also increases other inflammatory agents such as TNF, IL-1, IL-6, chemokines, MOS, MMP, COX2 and ICAM which all ultimately contribute to chronic diseases. Food choices such as fruits, legumes, vegetables spices like curcumin and exercise counteract these inflammatory responses.

When you extract curcumin from turmeric you just don’t get curcumin 95% you also get demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin which are collectively known as curcuminoids. When it is made synthetically you don’t get the other two forms of curcumins you just get curcumin.

What is molecular promiscuity? It is the action of curcumin that it has a pleiotropic effect on many inflammatory pathways not just one. There have been thousands of papers published on curcuminoids and there are multiple pharmacological effects including anti-toxic, anti-oxidant, wound healing, anti-apoptotic and anti-angiogenic.

Curcumin, the golden nutraceutical: multitargeting for multiple chronic diseases
Ajaikumar B Kunnumakkara  17 September 2016

Herbal agents have network pharmacology where one agent effects many pathways such as curcumin. Each herb may have a mild influence across many targets due to this protein interaction network or PIN analysis. This was studied in the test tube by Dr. Gan Y Zheng et al (Acta Pharm SinB 2015 Nov 5(6) 590-595. PIN of curcumin with 482 nodes and 1688 interactions.)

Mechanisms of action of curcuminoids – up regulation or downregulation of the following:

Nuclear transcription factors such as down regulation of NF Kappa B, STAT and upregulation of Nrf2 factors. They also work through growth factors such as down regulation of VEGF and also down regulation through inflammatory cytokines such as TNF alpha and interleukin IL-1, IL-6.

Protein kinases MAPKs and Akt are downregulated.

(See Phytotherapist’s Perspective No 159 August 2017)

Curcumin has very poor bioavailability. Technologies have been developed to enhance absorption including adjuvant such as piperine and cyclodextrin, or enhanced lipid solubility using liposomes, micelles and phospholipid complexes to get through the gut wall, nanoparticles, chemical derivatives and natural biopolymers such as fenugreek (biopolymers of sugar molecules forming a soluble fiber).

The amount of black pepper required is 1 tsp or more to get a significant absorption of curcumin. Some physicians have seen allergies to black pepper result from these high dosages. Piperine suppresses cytochrome P450 enzymes in the liver so should not be used at the same time as many drugs that are also processed via cytochrome P450 enzymes. This is a safety issue. This is the reason MediHerb does not use piperine.

MediHerb makes a colloidal form of curcuminoids using fenugreek. Impregnating the curcumin into the soluble fiber of fenugreek called galactic mannosides, results in a slow release stable colloidal form – curcumin galactomannoside or CGM.

No chemical solvents are used except ethanol and water which is routinely used in herbal tinctures and extracts.

CGM human Studies:

Human studies in 50 people comparing 1000mg dose of CGM (40% curcuminoids) with straight curcuminoids. Showed 45X bioavailability uplift at a dose of 1000mg

At 250mg CGM, 100mg of curcuminoids showed a 24.8X bioavailability uplift.

CGM inhibits initial liver metabolism so that there are extraordinary high levels of the free form of curcuminoids rather than the conjugated form. CMG plasma half-life is extended 3 hours rather than one hour for straight curcuminoids.

Also the Cmax concentrations for both doses of CGM were above the threshold level of 100 nanomol/L resulting in key pharmacological activity. This was not reached in the non- enhanced straight curcuminoids. So the observed combination of strong bioavailability uplift with preservation of the free unconjugated forms was unique in this CGM form.

Kumar D Jacob D, Subash et al. J Funct Foods 2016 22: 578-587

In vivo study Krishnakumar IM, Abhilash Maliakel, Gopakumar G et al J Funct Food 2015;14 215-225 confirmed the increased bioavailability of CGM in comparison to unenhanced curcumin.

There was seen an increased distribution of free curcuminoids to heart, liver, kidney, spleen and in particular to the brain, 250 times that of unenhanced curcumin.

Do we have any clinical evidence that CGM works?

A small pilot study where people were given CGM 1000mg OD (containing about 391 mg of total curcuminoids), or unenhanced curcuminoid 951 mg OD or placebo over 30 days. There was significant improvement in quality of life only in the CGM group which was measured as reduced physical and mental fatigue and better concentration. In the unenhanced group there was a small benefit and no changes found in the placebo group.

There was an increase in the plasma anti-oxidant enzymes such as catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and glutathione in both curcuminoid groups. These are Nrf2 effects in both forms. But to get anti-inflammatory effects especially in the brain you need the enhanced form.

 There are more and more studies linking the immune system to mental health including the work of Dr. Ian Hickie Professor of the Sydney’s Brain and Mind Center. He states “what is driving the mental ill health is not so much a change in the brain but in the immune system.” Neuroinflammation has been linked to many complex brain disorders including imbalances in neurotransmitters.

 CGM has been studied to be effective for the following: arterial stiffness, depression, anxiety, optimizing insulin resistance, prediabetes and diabetes type 2, oral lichen planus, allergic rhinitis, lowers Lp(a), CRP, triglycerides and increases HDL’s and BDNF levels, improves microcirculation, endothelial function, pain management, PMS Takayasu arteritis, GI reflux, ulcerative colitis and other autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis and uveitis.


CGM or curcumin galactomannoside found in Turmeric Forte is a significant breakthrough for natural therapists to use curcuminoids effectively. Because of curcuminoids promiscuity and the way non-resolving inflammation feeds most chronic disease processes the potential use of CGM are myriad but especially for neuroinflammation. Network pharmacological considerations suggest that we can achieve a high clinical potency with a minimal risk of side effects.

Lung Support!


Ingrid 2019Upper Respiratory Infections and Prevention:

Broncafect: This unique formula containing echinacea, licorice, pleurisy root, ginger and white horehound is the first one to think of when a cold has moved into the chest. Dosing high at 6-8 per day for a few days will make short order of a sore throat that is worsening quickly with the infection deepening into the lungs.

Andrographis Complex* ( Echinacea, Holy Basil, Andrographis) promotes healthy immune system function and response, healthy respiratory system function, encourages adaptive response to occasional stress, supports and maintains normal body temperature.

Can be taken with Echinacea Premium* or with Broncafect for optimal results at the onset of symptoms of upper respiratory infections. Dosing high at 6-8 per day in combinations of at least two of the above is best at onset of symptoms. For prevention of upper respiratory infections Andrographis Complex or Echinacea Premium taken year-round at one per day is effective for adults and children over 8 years of age.

Chronic Lung Conditions:

COPD: Astragalus Complex alternating with Broncafect all year long may prevent chest infections and optimize thinning of lung secretions for easier breathing in these patients. Preventing lung infections and keeping them off routine antibiotics in these cases is the number one priority so dosing needs to happen daily. I suggest picking two formulas that work well for the patient and alternate them month by month. For example Broncafect 2 per day one month alternating with Astragalus Combination. Monitor blood pressure in those patients taking Broncafect long term due to the licorice content. See the comprehensive list of contraindications for Astragalus Complex on page 25 of the MediHerb Catalogue. Do not use if taking immunosuppressive medications, during pregnancy or breast-feeding or if allergic to the daisy family. There is one study of Ginkgo* and its use in COPD. The adaptogen Rhodiola & Ginseng* (Korean) is used for chronically ill patients who require an increase in vitality and stamina. Korean Ginseng improves symptoms of COPD and anti-fatigue on respiratory muscles. Rhodiola helps to cope with cold climates and improves physical and mental performance. You could also consider using Withania Complex (Withania, Licorice, Skullcap and Korean ginseng) in patients who have more thyroid weakness, anxiety, insomnia, stress associated with their chronic lung conditions.

Garlic Forte*: supports a healthy respiratory tract and supports immune system health. One per day all year round is a great preventive which also provides cardiovascular protection and helps maintain normal cholesterol levels. Each Mediherb garlic tablet contains 12mg of alliin and alliinase enterically coated to ensure that the allicin in produced and protected and utilized to its full potential.

Vitanox (Rosemary, Green Tea, Turmeric, Grapeseed) is a wonderful anti-oxidant blend for use in any chronic health condition. It has strong anti-oxidant activity, supports healthy circulation and vascular integrity, maintains healthy connective tissue and supports and maintains cellular health.

BCQ is another formula to consider as an anti-inflammatory for optimizing lung health. Quercetin is a powerful flavonoid, natural anti-histamine and also has anti-viral, antioxidant and anti-microbial effect. It has also been useful in non-small cell lung cancers. Boswellia has an anti-inflammatory and immune modulating effect that may be helpful as a cancer preventive. Curcumin increases Nrf2, normalizes mitochondrial genesis, provides antioxidant activity, inhibits inflammatory pathways, promotes healthy response to environmental stressors and increases microcirculation all of which may help chronic lung conditions.


Saffron found in Nevaton Forte* has been useful in the treatment of asthma. Think of this formula for asthma especially if there is a strong factor of anxiety and stress. Saffron has been studies to treat fevers and colds, and general weakness. Schisandra in Nevaton is a great tonic and adaptogen for general fatigue and neurasthenia and great for chronic upper respiratory conditions. Due to the St. John’s wort in Nevaton be aware any drug interactions. Ginkgo Forte* is also effective for asthma.

*These are part of Kerry Bone’s top 20 Essentials.

Sinus Forte: (Goldenrod, Eyebright, Echinacea, Goldenseal, and Cayenne): for acute upper respiratory infections, sinusitis and chronic sinusitis. Dose high at 2 BID at the first sign of infection and one per day for chronic sinusitis. (Contraindicated with consumption of alcohol, avoid if on immunosuppressants. See page 53 in catalogue).

Goldenseal: Contains the alkaloids berberine as well as hydrastine. Mediherb brand contains both berberine and hydrastine as seen on HPLC graphs. Restores the integrity of mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive tract, anti-catarrhal, antimicrobial, antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory. This is an expensive herb because it is endangered so is cultivated and often substituted. Consider if for helping dissolve bio-films in tough cases of recurrent infections. Works for acute purulent otitis media, infections of the sinuses and throat. See Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy by Kerry Bone and Simon Mil, page 289, for a complete list of microorganisms that berberine is effective for.

Padma Basic: A Tibetan herbal formula used in Switzerland for over 35 years. It works on the minor and major immune problems by acting as an immune regulator. It turns on an underactive immune system and downregulates an overactive immune system. It is antimicrobial and antibacterial effects against Gram-positive bacteria in vitro including MRSA methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Listeria monocytogenes.

Often the teeth can harbour harmful bacteria that affects the immune system and Padma Basic has been studied to treat chronic dental pulpitis and possibly be used as an alternative to a root canal. In the study Padma Basic was given 2 caps BID for 15 days with effect.

Padma Basic is safe to use in children for the treatment of bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma. In a three year study following 300 children with lung problems, each child had a lung infection once a month for the preceding nine months. The children were given Padma Basic for nine months with no antibiotics and at the end of the study more than 70 percent of the children had improved and T-cell count had normalized. Even after the Padma Basic is stopped the benefits continued for a period of nine months.

Another study of children ages two to four who had bronchitis or pneumonia once per month for the previous nine months, after taking Padma Basic one capsule TID for one month the blood tests revealed that there was an increase in the serum bactericidal activity (SBA) and at least a twofold decrease in E.coli and Salmonella bacteria.

Comment on Padma Basic from Dr. Eliaz interview in Alternative and Complementary Therapies August 2005:

“One well-known herbal preparation based on a traditional Tibetan formula called Gambar 25 is Padma Basic® [EcoNugen- ics, Santa Rosa California].* It’s an approved medication for peripheral artery diseases in Switzerland and other countries. The health benefits are extraordinary; it improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and regulates abnormal immune response.

The reason one preparation can be effective for so many health conditions is that it addresses many underlying patterns that can affect our health. It is amazing that Tibetan medicine knew about it and created such a formulation hundreds of years ago.

It works by regulating inflammatory response, reducing hyperviscosity, and enhancing the immune system, allowing for a better clinical response. This is significant because we are now discovering that inflammation is the basis for almost every chronic illness—coronary disease, stroke, memory loss, cancer, peripheral artery disease, cognitive deterioration, autoimmune diseases and, of course, infections. Therefore, regulating inflammation will benefit the overall health and longevity of the person, as the Tibetans predicted.”

JHS Mushrooms: Medicinal mushrooms contains the triple helical form of beta 1,3 glucans that provide high levels of immune modulating properties. (Contraindicated in those allergic to mushrooms and organ transplant patients utilizing immune-suppressive agents).

Cordyceps: supports respiratory health, improves endurance and recovery in athletes. Improves immune modulation, night sweats and fatigue.

Coriolus versicolor: enhances Natural Killer cell function, supports health growth of white blood cells, increases interleukin-2 and T-cell proliferation.

5 Mushroom Formula: Immune Builder: Consider for general immune support at one per day long term for susceptible patients.

Reishi: a true adaptogen, helps to oxygenate the blood and provides respiratory support, support for fatigue and immune support. It down regulates TNf-Alpha, and blocks activation of NF Kappa-Beta inflammatory cascade. The polysaccharides support the TH1 cellular immune response. It nourishes, tonifies and removes toxins and disperses accumulations. A tonic for weakness and debility and a sedative for dizziness and insomnia.

I would combine at least one of the above medicinal mushrooms with one or two of the Mediherb Formulas for long term therapy in chronic lung conditions such as COPD and Asthma and chronic or recurrent respiratory infections. (For ease of taking mushrooms, the capsule can be taken apart and dissolved in hot water. They are tasty too!)

Other recommendations for prevention of respiratory infections:

Nordic Naturals Fish Oil or Vital Nutrients Fish Oil: Basic Foundation of Health for the lung. Take 3000mg per day of EPA and DHA combination fish oil for adults, 1000mg per day for children and critical during pregnancy. Taken daily life long.

Aller C: Vitamin C 450mg, Quercetin Dihydrate 250mg, Bioflavonoids 150mg and Bromelain 50mg. Vitamin C: ascorbic acid is an antioxidant that reduces inflammation, degrades histamine and modulates smooth muscle contraction and therefore useful in the treatment of asthma. Bioflavonoids are important for the treatment of acute respiratory infections. Can be taken lifelong.

Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Complete. Taken daily life long.

Vital Nutrients Quercetin: high dosages( up to 8 per day or more) for allergic asthma and hayfever conditions.

Vitamin D: 2000-5000 IU’s per day depending on age.

I hope this information is useful for you and your patients 🙂

Plant Based Protein!

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 9.55.22 AM


Over the past few years we have seen the demand for a quality plant-based protein powder steadily rise, not just for doctors and their patients, but also at our head office where several employees are proudly plant-based. As soon as we were made aware of the plant-based protein powders from the makers of our client favourites, Dream Protein and GreensFirst, we knew we had to get our hands on it! 

Plant-Based Dream Protein is now available and in stock in both Chocolate and Vanilla!


You can find nutritional information here, and order today!

Why I love BCQ!

dr-pincott-header-pinkIngrid 2019I have been using BCQ in my practice since Promedics first introduced it to the Canadian market over 15 years ago. I liked the company ‘Vital Nutrients’ because of the purity of their raw ingredients so I was confident in this product from the start. Dr. Herb Joiner-Bey N. D. provided me with a handout years ago and I have been using it ever since.

I used it mainly for the treatment of pain, both acute or chronic. When dosed at 12 per day I have seen it be very effective for a severe relapse of RA pain for example.

I use it post operatively to avoid analgesics post op. It loosens the bowels at the higher dosages of 8-12 per day so I always warn patients about this. Most of the patients like this side effect on their bowels.

Based on the recommendations of Dr Neil McKinney (he recommends Can Arrest) for cancer patients I have used it routinely in this population as well, titrating the dosage based on their bowels and their budget.

However in the last few months I have come to realize that it is a formula that can treat the brain, the cardiovascular system and the gut and liver as well.

In addition to what is explained in the Joiner-Bey handout I have learned the following:

Boswellia: this herb slows the progression of Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. It is a specific herb to prevent and treat neuroinflammation. It crosses the BBB and is best absorbed when taken with fat within a meal or with fish oils. It is known for its use in the treatment of glioblastoma brain tumors. Kerry Bone recommends it for the treatment of osteoarthritis and possibly for cancer therapy. There have not been a lot of conclusive human trials for its effect on prostate, breast, colon or ovarian cancer. However its anti-inflammatory and immune modulating effects may be a helpful preventive.

Turmeric: increases Nrf2, normalizes mitochondrial genesis, repairs hippocampus of tau proteins, hepatic protective, neuroprotective, kidney protective, anti-cancer (flags and destroys metastatic cells in the bloodstream), slows progression of neurological diseases including Parkinson’s Disease, improves cognition and memory and concentration, powerful antidepressant, increases serotonin in the body, boosts stem cell production in the brain (as does exercise and fasting), enhances microcirculation, stimulates the glymphatic system of the brain when taken at night and helps with NGF production required for neurogenesis.

Quercetin: is a powerful flavonoid, natural anti-histamine and also has anti-viral, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, neurological (it simulates NGF required for neurogenesis) and hepatoprotective effects. Other recent research indicates that is has further reaching effects. These include the following: a strong scavenger of reactive oxygen species, reduced cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease by its anti-inflammatory nature, lowers blood pressure in those with hypertension, beneficial for chronic prostatitis and interstitial cystitis, has an anti-proliferative effect in numerous cancer cell lines including breast, colon, ovary, leukemia, squamous cell, endometrial, gastric and non-small-cell lung cancer. It may also increase the efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents.

So now when I recommend BCQ I can be more confident in teaching my patients that not only will it act as a natural NSAID and anti-cancer agent, it will provide them with protection for their brain (curcumin and boswellia crosses the BBB) heart, liver and gut. Pretty good for one supplement!

A maintenance dose at 1-2 per day taken with a high fat meal, or up to 6-12 per day for active disease management. Enjoy!

BCQ Product Sheet-1018

Immune Health Support!


Ingrid 2019

Echinacea Premium:
Not all Echinacea is the same and thus the varied patient response. Kerry Bone is passionate about Echinacea Premium and its daily use in practice. He developed this formula that contains the root extracts of E. purpurea as well as E. angustifolia. E. angustifolia being expensive Kerry combined the two as the alkylamides in E. angustifolia potentizes the alkylamides of the E. purpurea to provide 4.1mg alkylamides per tablet. The alkylamides are largely responsible for the proposed immune effects of Echinacea lipophilic extracts. These are the ONLY constituents detected in the blood after taking Echinacea Premium tablets or Echinacea Premium 1:2 liquid.
In a 2012 Study: Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2012; 2012: 417267 Echinacea Premium was found to have lower respiratory symptom scores during travel compared with placebo. The dosages was one tablet twice daily prior to travelling and while travelling 2 twice per day and 3 times daily if additional immune support was required.

Kerry Bone has shared in his lectures that Echinacea Premium modulates the immune response of macrophages and T cell in vitro, toning the response down in the face of a strong stimulus. It also stimulates the immune response by interaction of the alkylamides with the CB2 receptors. It alters the expression of heat shock protein in leukocytes. It boosts the number and function of natural killer (NK) cells. It is a well-being tonic as well as supports healthy aging and longevity.

These factors are the reasons that I recommend taking Echinacea Premium one table daily all year long. Teach your patients to look for the dosage of alkylamides in their echinacea products. Most other products on the market require 2-5 times the dosage to get the 4.1mg of alkylamide in one tablet of Echinacea Premium.

Clinical Pearl: Take one tab daily Echinacea Premium or 5ml of Premium 1:2 liquid all year round and dose higher during times of stress, travel or onset of symptoms. 1 tablet TID for Adults and for Children: 1 tab OD or BID.

Contraindicated in those taking immunosuppressive drugs and short term use is only recommended in these cases. Discontinue 7 days prior to general anesthesia. Use caution if allergic to plants of Daisy family.

Kerry comments: “My favourite! You can build a successful practice on this product alone. MediHerb’s unique formula (Echinacea Premium) contains the roots of Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea in a specific ratio, delivering 4.1 mg of alkylamides per tablet.”


Andrographis Complex:
Contains Andrographis (10mg of andrographolide), Echinacea angustifolia and purpurea (containing 2mg alkylamides) and Holy Basil. Use this formulation for the onset of mild upper respiratory infections for up to 8 weeks. It helps maintain and supports healthy immune system function. It also encourages the adaptive response to occasional stress as well healthy liver function. Andrographis also supports and maintains normal body temperature already in a normal range.

Add Sinus Forte if sinus symptoms persevere. If longer therapy required consider other remedies. If more severe URI symptoms use Echinacea Premium, along with Astragalus Complex, Sinus Forte or Broncafect.

Contraindications: don’t use in pregnancy, attempting to conceive or during lactation. Use caution in allergies to plants of the Daisy family.

Kerry comments: “My first choice for strong immune support when Echinacea alone is not enough and particularly for short- term use.” Andrographis Complex combines Andrographis, Echinacea and Holy Basil.


Garlic Forte:
Garlic is used for short and long term immune system, upper respiratory health and healthy lung function. It stimulates the mucous membranes and promotes healthy secretions in the lung. In the 1980s Russian newspapers advised the chewing of raw garlic to enhance normal immune response in the upper respiratory tract. In World War II, the Soviet army also used garlic to enhance normal immune response.

Volunteers taking a garlic tablet were more likely to stay healthy during the winter months and have healthy respiratory tract function than those taking placebo. This randomized, double-blind study was conducted in England and published in 2001( Josling P. Adv Ther 2001; 18(4): 189-193).

Antioxidants help protect cells from the damaging effects of excessive free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive substances created in the body that may injure cells. Garlic taken for 1-2 months improved the level and activity of antioxidant enzymes in the red blood cells of healthy volunteers. Research suggests that use of garlic supported the body’s normal detoxification processes of potentially detrimental dietary substances in healthy volunteers. (Avci A, Atli T, Ergüder IB et al. Gerontology 2008; 54(3): 173-176; Grune T, Scherat T, Behrend H et al. Phytomed 1996; 2(3): 205-207 ; Mei X, Lin X, Liu J et al. Acta Nutr Sin 1989; 11: 141-146 )

This garlic product contains the active ingredients 12mg active alliin and alliinase which are enterically coated to ensure that the allicin produced is protected and utilized to its full potential. Mediherb garlic is tested not only for the level of alliine but for its conversion into allicin.

Dosage: 1 tablet OD to BID short or long term. Does not give garlic breath and is well tolerated.

Kerry comments: “I like to think of garlic as a polypill for cardiovascular health due to the many different facets of its support and the multitude of positive clinical studies published. Garlic is also effective in helping to maintain healthy gastrointestinal flora. Quality issues are of vital importance when manufacturing garlic products. The strongest published evidence to date is for garlic preparations standardised to alliin content with allicin-releasing capability.”


Astragalus Complex:
Contains Astragalus membranaceus, Echinacea purpurea and Eleutherococcus senticosus (600mg of eleutheroside E). Wonderful for long term convalescent immune system support. Many controlled clinical trials have shown that Eleuthero extract enhances immune system function in healthy participants. In an uncontrolled trial, Eleuthero helped restore normal immune system function by supporting the body’s production of white blood cells. It protects against lung injury.

Astragalus has been used traditionally to support stamina and endurance. It is one of the main tonics used traditionally to enhance vitality in the Chinese herbal system. The tonic action of Astragalus is used by natural clinicians to assist the body in its natural repair process. (A tonic is popularly thought of as something that makes you feel better, stronger or healthier. Chinese tonics of the type to which Astragalus belongs, replenish the body’s vital reserves over the long term, support the constitution and aid the body’s natural regeneration and repair functions.)

In a randomized controlled trial, Eleuthero extract improved the quality of life in elderly patients. Eleuthero is also recommended traditionally for assisting the body in its natural repair process.

Astragalus membranaceus research shows it has multiple pharmacological effects including: anti-oxidative-stress, anti-inflammatory, immune-regulation, vascular protective effects, anti-neurodegeneration, anti-cancer and anti-aging effects (including increasing telomerase activity). It is very safe and has few side effects for long term therapy.

Contraindicated while taking immune-suppressing drugs, or during pregnancy or breast feeding. Avoid use if allergic to the Daisy Family of plants.

Dosage: 1 tab BID to QID. For long term recommend 1 Tab BID ie for 3 months, then alternate with Echinacea Premium for one month then resume Astragalus Complex.


Sinus Forte: 
Contains Golden Rod, Eyebright, Echinacea purpurea, Goldenseal and Cayenne. This is a great formula for acute or chronic sinus infections so for the upper respiratory cases with this complication this remedy works well. It is superb in the treatment of seasonal allergies as well. Eyebright, Golden Seal and Golden Rod have been used traditionally to support and maintain healthy mucous secretion in the nasal passages. Golden Seal also improves the tone, vigor and function of these mucous membranes. Due to its pungent, hot and spicy nature, Cayenne is thought to assist the nasal passages by promoting healthy blood flow in the mucosal tissues. Cayenne became an important herb in the late 19th Century for the natural clinicians in the United States because of its ability to bring “vital heat” to the body. By maintaining healthy nasal passages these herbs also support free and clear breathing.

Dose: 1 tab 4 times per day for acute symptoms and 1 tab BID for chronic sinusitis. Give regular breaks off the remedy to ensure efficacy and be sure to include 1 tab per day of Echinacea Premium long term.

Note: MediHerb has a strong policy on endangered and threatened medicinal plants, and only purchases cultivated sources of Golden Seal root and rhizome.


Contains Pleurisy Root, White Horehound, Licorice, Echinacea purpurea and Ginger. Pleurisy Root, White Horehound, Licorice and Ginger have all been used traditionally to support healthy bronchial function, thereby helping the body to expel mucus and foreign particles from the bronchial tubes more easily. White Horehound in particular, may do this by helping to soften and break up the mucus. Of these herbs, Licorice is the best known, with the famous Gerard Herbal noting its use for this application in 1597.

The pungent, warming nature of Ginger and essential oil of Thyme support the normal cough reflex, providing comfort during cold weather and seasonal changes. Ginger is thought to assist in this way by promoting blood circulation, thereby promoting healthy blood flow in the mucosal tissues of the lung. Pleurisy Root is often traditionally combined with Ginger for this purpose, and these herbs may also assist the body in maintaining normal body temperature.

Due to their action on bronchial function, Pleurisy Root, White Horehound, Licorice and Ginger would also support the body’s normal cough reflex, particularly Licorice with documented use dating back centuries. Native Americans used Pleurisy Root, White Horehound and Echinacea root in this way.

For the treatment of pertussis, bronchitis, pleurisy, lung congestion, influenza, tracheitis, nasopharyngeal catarrh and COPD. Great for persistent bronchitis or after inhalation of lung irritants as it soothes and heals inflamed bronchial mucosa. It also manages fever without diaphoresis.

Dosage: 2 tabs BID-QID in acute illness and 1 tab BID in chronic illness. Consider alternating this remedy with Astragalus combination in chronic diseases such as COPD.

Contraindications: hypertension, edema if patient is taking potassium depleting diuretics. If taking long term monitor blood pressure. Not to be used with immune suppressant medications (due to Echinacea)

I hope that helps this Fall + Winter 🙂Immune Deal 2Check out this Immune Support Spotlight hand out that will soon be included in your order boxes!


Mood, Sleep + Memory!


Ingrid 2019

Summer is often a good time to reset our goals for health with quiet time perhaps at the beach or in the backyard, to contemplate how we can rejuvenate ourselves.

Here are some remedies to consider for your patients who want to take charge of their moods, sleep and memory. Don’t forget about yourself and take time also for Physician Heal Thyself!

Basic support for mood, sleep and memory treatment plan should include a B complex, Ultimate Omega fish oils or Vital Nutrients Ultra Pure Fish oil (3000mg per day), Magnesium especially taken at bedtime for restless and poor quality sleep, and a multi-vitamin and mineral complex lke Vital Nutrients: Minimal and Essential. It has amazed me over the years how the above can help in a matter of weeks! Most people who live off the SAD (Standard American Diet) are terribly deficient. Many females are low in iron with serum ferritin less than 60. Once this is treated they feel so much better.

Adrenal function: Make sure in all cases of mood, sleep and memory that adrenal and thyroid function is addressed. See Pincott Perspective HPA Axis Blog Feb 2019 and Jan 2018 Thyroid Support. Consider especially –  Withania Complex which contains Withania extract 950mg, Glycyrrhiza dry root 750mg, Scutellaria lateriflora dry herb 470mg and Panax ginseng dry root 100mg and Rhodiola and Ginseng Contains Rhodiola rosea 3.6grams and Panax ginseng 500mg. Both of these formulas help with mental fatigue and promote vitality of the nervous system in mild and moderate depression. Rhodiola improves depression, insomnia and emotional instability. It was as effective as sertraline without the side effects in some studies. Withania complex also increases the production of T4 so useful in thyroid support.

St John’s Wort increases nocturnal melatonin and helps with sleep disorders as well as anxiety. However because of photo sensitivity do not use this herb in the summer months unless for short term use for acute viral infections. St. John’s Wort is also effective for shift workers. For the treatment of depression it is NOT the serotonin effect but the effect it has on BDNF! Best to start St. John’s wort in the fall for the optimal treatment of SAD and depression. St. John’s wort is also great for the treatment of viral infections such as shingles, cold sores, chicken pox and herpes. Use higher dosages such as 6 per day for these conditions and always warn your patient about sun sensitivity.

Nevaton contains Hypericum 750mg, Schisandra 675mg, scutellaria lateriflora 500mg and saffron 22.5mg. It is known as a “road rage” formula for out of control stress, PMS, wired, aggressive and agitated patients. It also has an anti-depressant effect from the St. John’s Wort. Saffron: 30mg per day has the same effect as the drug Prozac for the treatment of depression. (Those who have had a heart event have a three- fold increase risk of depression). It blocks glutamate receptors, it is an anti-oxidant, it is a neuroprotective and has no effect on serotonin. It is as effective for early AD as donepezil and memantine. Kerry Bone uses 4 per day for low mood and debility and uses it instead of straight St. John’s Wort. Be aware of possible sun sensitivity due to St. John’s Wort.

Valerian complex contains passion flower, zizyphus (especially for dream disturbed sleep) and valerian. If the patient does not have a paradoxical reaction to valerian then may be as effective as the benzodiazepines and valium in improving sleep quality. It is also a great muscle relaxant. It has been used at 1 tablet 3-4 times during the day for severe insomnia, panic attacks, restlessness, depression and anxiety. It has been studied to not impair driving performance.

Kava Forte: improves anxiety and depression and can be combined with rhodiola and saffron but NOT St. John’s wort. Kava kava increases GABA receptors and regulates GABA transmission. It also inhibits re-uptake of noradrenaline and dopamine. It is meant to be taken during the day as needed for generalize anxiety disorder (GAD) at 1-3 per day. It improves the quality and recuperative effects of sleep and mood and used for treatment of PTSD. It can also increase libido. It can be used in benzodiazepine withdrawal. It is safe for short term use of 1-24 weeks with mild, transient and infrequent adverse events reported.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium with Melatonin: This transdermal formula provides 560 mg of elemental magnesium per teaspoon of lotion. Apply topically at night to sore muscles, soles of the feet or to bath water to aid in sleep. Apply to abdomen for menstrual cramps. Not to be ingested orally. Great for use in children.

Bacopa complex: This contains Bacopa 3.75mg, Schisandra 660mg, Eleutherococcus 500mg and Rosemary 10mg. Great research outlining its efficacy in ADD and ADHD to enhance concentration and focus. Helps executives and students to stay sharp and enhance memory recall, also can maintain cognition in people suffering from cognitive decline. For distracted kids/students, busy adults who want the mental edge and for seniors looking for a proactive approach to mental aging and memory loss. Increases conversion of short-term memory to long term memory. Very useful in brain fog due to thyroid abnormalities as it increases production of T4, excellent as an adjunct to thyroid supplementation and hormonal treatment. For “baby brain” postpartum as it not only helps to improve memory but also acts as an adaptogen to improve stress tolerance.  Also for post-concussion syndrome or acute concussion recovery in combination with Ginkgo Forte for optimal results. Adult dosage 2 BID until see clinical effect then 2 per day. May take 3 months to see improvement in memory.

Ginkgo Forte: Ginkgo has been effective for the treatment of cerebral insufficiency which includes the following conditions: dementia, dizziness associated with labyrinth or vestibular disorders, acute cochlear deafness, senile cognitive decline, vertigo, healing loss or tinnitus. Ginkgo was also found to be of benefit in the treatment of recent stroke victims improving cerebral blood flow, motor recovery, intellectual performance, memory, mood and behavior. Ginkgo was also found to effective for the improvement in cognitive function in Alzheimer’s disease. Kerry Bone talks about using Gingko at 9 per day (in divided doses) to help with jet lag when he is lecturing internationally so I recommend this for jet lag control. It is also very popular in Europe for stroke prevention which I dose at one per day and stronger if I am concerned about cognitive decline as well. There is no evidence that gingko increases bleeding time contrary to popular belief by most surgeons. Use with caution with blood thinners such as warfarin and aspirin but it is not a contraindication. Please see Ginkgo monograph for all the benefits of this wonderful herb to educate your patients).

Tranquilent (Raspberry flavoured chewable 30 tabs). This chewable inositol 1000mg, L theanine 25mg and 5TP 20mg combination is effective for pediatrics (not more than 2 per day in 75 pounds or more, less than 75 pounds is ½ -1 tablet per day.) and adults (up to 8 per day) for the treatment of anxiety and obsessive thoughts that will support serotonin and GABA production in the body. I encourage patients to keep this in their purse or desk and take as needed throughout the day and especially in the evening to help with sleep. Suntheanine promotes relaxation, reduces stress and nervous tension. Supports both serotonergic and GABAergic neurotransmission. Offers both acute relief as well as a rebalancing effect for Anxiety and OCD and insomnia.

Other considerations: BCQ or Tumeric Forte (coming soon) has been helping to improve cognitive decline. Tumeric: increases Nrf2, normalizes mitochondrial genesis, repairs hippocampus of tau proteins, hepatic protective, neuroprotective, kidney protective, anti-cancer (flags and destroys metastatic cells in the blood stream), slows progression of neurological diseases including Parkinson’s Disease, improves cognition and memory and concentration, powerful anti-depressant, increases serotonin in the body, boosts stem cell production in the brain (as does exercise and fasting). Boswellia slows the progression of Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. It is a specific herb to prevent and treat neuroinflammation. It crosses the BBB and is best absorbed when taken with fat within a meal or with fish oils. Lion’s Mane by JHS Naturals has the ability to stimulate the production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and provide other benefits that enhance cognitive function.

Parasympathetic balancing: unplug from devices, exercise, yoga, meditation, the Arts are all great for balancing moods, insomnia and memory. When patients are prescribed “The Arts” visits to MD’s and hospitals are reduced by up to 40%!

Enjoy your Summer and check out my Summer First Aid Kit from 2017!