Meet our Rep who is also an ND: Dr. Jennifer Hillier

Here on the ProMedics blog, we will feature monthly posts by our lovely ND reps. As well as keeping us up to date with featured info, they will be fielding any questions that you may have. For now, we would love for you to learn a little more about who these hard working women are.

First up: Dr. Jennifer Hillier answering 7 questions!

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How long have you been a practicing ND?   Eleven years!
Where is your practice based?   Guelph, Ontario
How long have you been working with ProMedics?  Two years
How do you feel ProMedics differs from other supplement distributors?  The product lines that we distribute, are lines that I trusted and used long before I started this consulting position. Research, clinical support and results in my own patients, all keep me coming back to using these products again and again. ProMedics supports clinical development and collaboration, long after school is done. I think that’s what really sets this company apart from the rest.
What is the most common subject that you get questions on, from other health practitioners as a rep?  That would have to be, “Where can I go next on this case, and what would you recommend?”
Do you have any social media accounts to follow? Of course, Dr. Jennifer Hiller on Facebook and my twitter handle is @DrHillier !
Finally, what is your favorite food?  The Naturopathic side of me says Kale, but the foodie side of me wants to go with good cheese, any day of the week. That’s dairy free, right? 🙂

Check back for upcoming informational posts from Jennifer.




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