Long term use of Echinacea


Welcome to the first entry in our new Myth-Conceptions series, where we will be tackling
common misconceptions surrounding modern-day herbs and other natural supplements.

“It is a long-term belief in the general public that echinachea is only for short-term use. Many believe that it can be harmful if used beyond a prescribed period. Much like many of our therapeutics, this beloved herb has gotten a bad reputation in the press, due to broadcasting of faulty data. In more recent studies, it has been found that alkylamides in echinacea elevate the numbers of NK cells in mice and keep them consistently higher than controls for the duration of therapy. As the decline of NK cells due to aging is a main factor behind a rise in neoplasms, infection and auto-immunity as we get older, this fact could provide us with the key to keeping the immune system young and extend life span with a reduction in morbidity and mortality. Eclectic physicians used echinacea liberally, and traditional medicines have a history of long-term prescribing as well. When we actually look at the facts, we see that echincea is a powerful tool for what ails us. Perhaps it is time we took a look at the data and revise our opinions and use of this spectacular panacea??
Take a look at this MediHerb e-Monitor for further information!”  JH

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