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Ingrid 2019Upper Respiratory Infections and Prevention:

Broncafect: This unique formula containing echinacea, licorice, pleurisy root, ginger and white horehound is the first one to think of when a cold has moved into the chest. Dosing high at 6-8 per day for a few days will make short order of a sore throat that is worsening quickly with the infection deepening into the lungs.

Andrographis Complex* ( Echinacea, Holy Basil, Andrographis) promotes healthy immune system function and response, healthy respiratory system function, encourages adaptive response to occasional stress, supports and maintains normal body temperature.

Can be taken with Echinacea Premium* or with Broncafect for optimal results at the onset of symptoms of upper respiratory infections. Dosing high at 6-8 per day in combinations of at least two of the above is best at onset of symptoms. For prevention of upper respiratory infections Andrographis Complex or Echinacea Premium taken year-round at one per day is effective for adults and children over 8 years of age.

Chronic Lung Conditions:

COPD: Astragalus Complex alternating with Broncafect all year long may prevent chest infections and optimize thinning of lung secretions for easier breathing in these patients. Preventing lung infections and keeping them off routine antibiotics in these cases is the number one priority so dosing needs to happen daily. I suggest picking two formulas that work well for the patient and alternate them month by month. For example Broncafect 2 per day one month alternating with Astragalus Combination. Monitor blood pressure in those patients taking Broncafect long term due to the licorice content. See the comprehensive list of contraindications for Astragalus Complex on page 25 of the MediHerb Catalogue. Do not use if taking immunosuppressive medications, during pregnancy or breast-feeding or if allergic to the daisy family. There is one study of Ginkgo* and its use in COPD. The adaptogen Rhodiola & Ginseng* (Korean) is used for chronically ill patients who require an increase in vitality and stamina. Korean Ginseng improves symptoms of COPD and anti-fatigue on respiratory muscles. Rhodiola helps to cope with cold climates and improves physical and mental performance. You could also consider using Withania Complex (Withania, Licorice, Skullcap and Korean ginseng) in patients who have more thyroid weakness, anxiety, insomnia, stress associated with their chronic lung conditions.

Garlic Forte*: supports a healthy respiratory tract and supports immune system health. One per day all year round is a great preventive which also provides cardiovascular protection and helps maintain normal cholesterol levels. Each Mediherb garlic tablet contains 12mg of alliin and alliinase enterically coated to ensure that the allicin in produced and protected and utilized to its full potential.

Vitanox (Rosemary, Green Tea, Turmeric, Grapeseed) is a wonderful anti-oxidant blend for use in any chronic health condition. It has strong anti-oxidant activity, supports healthy circulation and vascular integrity, maintains healthy connective tissue and supports and maintains cellular health.

BCQ is another formula to consider as an anti-inflammatory for optimizing lung health. Quercetin is a powerful flavonoid, natural anti-histamine and also has anti-viral, antioxidant and anti-microbial effect. It has also been useful in non-small cell lung cancers. Boswellia has an anti-inflammatory and immune modulating effect that may be helpful as a cancer preventive. Curcumin increases Nrf2, normalizes mitochondrial genesis, provides antioxidant activity, inhibits inflammatory pathways, promotes healthy response to environmental stressors and increases microcirculation all of which may help chronic lung conditions.


Saffron found in Nevaton Forte* has been useful in the treatment of asthma. Think of this formula for asthma especially if there is a strong factor of anxiety and stress. Saffron has been studies to treat fevers and colds, and general weakness. Schisandra in Nevaton is a great tonic and adaptogen for general fatigue and neurasthenia and great for chronic upper respiratory conditions. Due to the St. John’s wort in Nevaton be aware any drug interactions. Ginkgo Forte* is also effective for asthma.

*These are part of Kerry Bone’s top 20 Essentials.

Sinus Forte: (Goldenrod, Eyebright, Echinacea, Goldenseal, and Cayenne): for acute upper respiratory infections, sinusitis and chronic sinusitis. Dose high at 2 BID at the first sign of infection and one per day for chronic sinusitis. (Contraindicated with consumption of alcohol, avoid if on immunosuppressants. See page 53 in catalogue).

Goldenseal: Contains the alkaloids berberine as well as hydrastine. Mediherb brand contains both berberine and hydrastine as seen on HPLC graphs. Restores the integrity of mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive tract, anti-catarrhal, antimicrobial, antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory. This is an expensive herb because it is endangered so is cultivated and often substituted. Consider if for helping dissolve bio-films in tough cases of recurrent infections. Works for acute purulent otitis media, infections of the sinuses and throat. See Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy by Kerry Bone and Simon Mil, page 289, for a complete list of microorganisms that berberine is effective for.

Padma Basic: A Tibetan herbal formula used in Switzerland for over 35 years. It works on the minor and major immune problems by acting as an immune regulator. It turns on an underactive immune system and downregulates an overactive immune system. It is antimicrobial and antibacterial effects against Gram-positive bacteria in vitro including MRSA methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Listeria monocytogenes.

Often the teeth can harbour harmful bacteria that affects the immune system and Padma Basic has been studied to treat chronic dental pulpitis and possibly be used as an alternative to a root canal. In the study Padma Basic was given 2 caps BID for 15 days with effect.

Padma Basic is safe to use in children for the treatment of bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma. In a three year study following 300 children with lung problems, each child had a lung infection once a month for the preceding nine months. The children were given Padma Basic for nine months with no antibiotics and at the end of the study more than 70 percent of the children had improved and T-cell count had normalized. Even after the Padma Basic is stopped the benefits continued for a period of nine months.

Another study of children ages two to four who had bronchitis or pneumonia once per month for the previous nine months, after taking Padma Basic one capsule TID for one month the blood tests revealed that there was an increase in the serum bactericidal activity (SBA) and at least a twofold decrease in E.coli and Salmonella bacteria.

Comment on Padma Basic from Dr. Eliaz interview in Alternative and Complementary Therapies August 2005:

“One well-known herbal preparation based on a traditional Tibetan formula called Gambar 25 is Padma Basic® [EcoNugen- ics, Santa Rosa California].* It’s an approved medication for peripheral artery diseases in Switzerland and other countries. The health benefits are extraordinary; it improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and regulates abnormal immune response.

The reason one preparation can be effective for so many health conditions is that it addresses many underlying patterns that can affect our health. It is amazing that Tibetan medicine knew about it and created such a formulation hundreds of years ago.

It works by regulating inflammatory response, reducing hyperviscosity, and enhancing the immune system, allowing for a better clinical response. This is significant because we are now discovering that inflammation is the basis for almost every chronic illness—coronary disease, stroke, memory loss, cancer, peripheral artery disease, cognitive deterioration, autoimmune diseases and, of course, infections. Therefore, regulating inflammation will benefit the overall health and longevity of the person, as the Tibetans predicted.”

JHS Mushrooms: Medicinal mushrooms contains the triple helical form of beta 1,3 glucans that provide high levels of immune modulating properties. (Contraindicated in those allergic to mushrooms and organ transplant patients utilizing immune-suppressive agents).

Cordyceps: supports respiratory health, improves endurance and recovery in athletes. Improves immune modulation, night sweats and fatigue.

Coriolus versicolor: enhances Natural Killer cell function, supports health growth of white blood cells, increases interleukin-2 and T-cell proliferation.

5 Mushroom Formula: Immune Builder: Consider for general immune support at one per day long term for susceptible patients.

Reishi: a true adaptogen, helps to oxygenate the blood and provides respiratory support, support for fatigue and immune support. It down regulates TNf-Alpha, and blocks activation of NF Kappa-Beta inflammatory cascade. The polysaccharides support the TH1 cellular immune response. It nourishes, tonifies and removes toxins and disperses accumulations. A tonic for weakness and debility and a sedative for dizziness and insomnia.

I would combine at least one of the above medicinal mushrooms with one or two of the Mediherb Formulas for long term therapy in chronic lung conditions such as COPD and Asthma and chronic or recurrent respiratory infections. (For ease of taking mushrooms, the capsule can be taken apart and dissolved in hot water. They are tasty too!)

Other recommendations for prevention of respiratory infections:

Nordic Naturals Fish Oil or Vital Nutrients Fish Oil: Basic Foundation of Health for the lung. Take 3000mg per day of EPA and DHA combination fish oil for adults, 1000mg per day for children and critical during pregnancy. Taken daily life long.

Aller C: Vitamin C 450mg, Quercetin Dihydrate 250mg, Bioflavonoids 150mg and Bromelain 50mg. Vitamin C: ascorbic acid is an antioxidant that reduces inflammation, degrades histamine and modulates smooth muscle contraction and therefore useful in the treatment of asthma. Bioflavonoids are important for the treatment of acute respiratory infections. Can be taken lifelong.

Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Complete. Taken daily life long.

Vital Nutrients Quercetin: high dosages( up to 8 per day or more) for allergic asthma and hayfever conditions.

Vitamin D: 2000-5000 IU’s per day depending on age.

I hope this information is useful for you and your patients 🙂

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