A fun way to get kids (or fussy adults) to take their medicine!




Wisdom from Jennifer Hillier

Herbs are not only for people who can swallow pills easily, when you have this nifty dessert up your sleeve!

“Being the mom of an energetic two-year old (and working on baby number two,) I’ve got a whole lot of immune support to do with my family every fall. It is easy to get my husband to swallow pills, but the two-year old is a bit stubborn to say the least.
My solution? Enter the jello shooter!

Whenever my patients (or their children) are unable to swallow pills, I get them to:
-> Grind up a single dose (calculated for their body size and age) and put this into a single compartment of an ice-cube tray.
-> If you are making doses for the week, fill the whole tray.
-> Next, with an envelope of Knox Gelatine (orange box found in the baking aisle) and their favourite juice ( I find that papaya, mango and pineapple all work the best,) I get them to follow the directions found on the box.
-> Now pour the juice/gelatine mix into the ice-cube tray and set them in the fridge.

In a couple of hours, the treats are ready to slurp down. Experiment with the medicine and the juice flavours to see which combos are the least offensive. Focus on slurping up as fast as possible to minimize contact with the taste buds, especially when using Echinacea!”

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